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Precious Davis is a highly lauded international keynote speaker and panelist whose mission is to create critical intersectional dialogue, foster empowerment and create solidarity that leads to positive self and social awareness. Precious challenges us all to examine our internalized bias regarding ability, faith, class, sexual orientation, race, and appearance. Through this awareness individuals, organizations, and institutions of higher learning are inspired to create brave spaces in their communities through the act of inclusion. 




                          "Global Scholars Symposium"- Keynote Speaker- University of Cambridge - Cambridge, UK (2017)



The Building Block of Activism: Purpose. Action. Justice.” – Keynote Speaker- Black Lives Matter Conference - Loyola

University - Chicago (2016)


National Conference for Creating Change” - Cochair, National LGBTQ Taskforce – Chicago (2016)


Trans Lives Matter Transforming the Globe” – Moderator, Victory Institute – Las Vegas (2015)


  “Trans Day of Remembrance.” – Keynote Speaker- James Madison University- Harrisonburg, VA (2015)


The Trans 100” – Host and Award Recipient – Chicago (2015)


The Skew” – Panelist, Museum of Contemporary Art - Chicago (2015)


Queer in the City 225” Panelist – Department of African American Studies, Department of Gender and Sexuality- Northwestern University (2015)


 Transmopolitan -Transgender Resilience” Consultant, Keynote Speaker – Inaugural program “Out in Chicago”, Chicago History Museum (2015)


Black Lives Matter- Justice for Black Same Gender Loving and Transgender Communities” – Panelist, Aids Foundation of Chicago (2015)


Issues Affecting Transgender Youth”- Presenter, Illinois Department of Public Health Conference (2014)


Corn this Way” -The Nebraska LGBTQ Emerging Leaders Summit – Keynote Speaker, GLSEN Omaha (2014)


Queer Black and Christian”- Panelist, The University of Chicago (2013)


Feminist United” A discussion on the Transgender community”- Panelist, Roosevelt U (2012)


Race, Stonewall, and The creation of the LGBTQ movement”- Panelist, University of Illinois at Chicago (2012)